When you press the submit button, we will send you an invoice which is linked to Paypal. After signing up, you will need to stop by our studio or use the link to Paypal to pay for the whole payment within 7 days. If not, we cannot hold a spot for your child. Thank you.

Our students are required to:
• Have their temperature checked by our staff before coming inside

(Over 99 can't attend)
• Wear a mask
• Provide their own water, snack, and lunch (Water and snack must last them the whole day)
• Practice social distancing

If a student cannot follow these precautions, they cannot attend. We are taking these rules very seriously and will not tolerate any misbehaving. If your child gets more than three warnings for not listening, you will be called to pick them up immediately.
When picking up and dropping off your child, please do not come inside. We will have your child ready to leave, all you need to do is knock on our side door and we will send them out!